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Multifunctional Tool Kit

ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene). Silver body with black trim. Includes 2 Phillip heads and 2 flat head bits. Level and LED light. Polybagged and boxed. Silver/Black. Product Size: 140Lx28Wx23D mm. Print. Size: 9Hx50W mm.
From $4.08 To $12.33

The Total Package Tool Set

Fabric/Metal. This total package tool set comes complete with a black fabric carrying case. Includes a utility knife, 2 Phillips and flat head precision screwdrivers, mini socket set, box of wood and machine screws, needle-nose pliers, wire cutters, and a driver set complete with flat head, Phillips, and Torx-style bits. Black. Product Size: 165Hx216Wx32D mm. Print. Size: 32Hx51W mm.
From $34.98 To $59.40

Garden Tool Pack

How does your garden grow?. Well-turned and tended with tools carried in this hard working and easy handling tote. Includes trowel, shovel and spade. Dark Green/Natural. Product Size: 286Hx286Wx178D mm. Print. Size: 102Hx102W mm.
From $21.30 To $34.05

Tool And Keylight Set

Metal/Plastic. Super bright white LED light and two double sided screwdriver bits makes this piece very handy. Polybagged. Black/Silver. Product Size: 29Hx76Wx13D mm. Print. Size: 19Hx51W mm.
From $2.64 To $4.14

25 Piece Trifold Tool Set

25 piece trifold tool set. Features a driver with 10 bits, pliers, cutters, tweezers, a 4 piece socket set with extender and 6 screwdrivers for fine detail work. Zipper case. Black. Product Size: Open: 165Hx482Wx19D mm; Closed: 165Hx158Wx38D mm. Print. Size: 32Hx51W mm.
From $27.09 To $50.54

10 In 1 Screwdriver Tool Kit

ABS. Attractive tool comes with both flathead and phillips screwdriver bits and an extension socket. 2 locations to insert socket and bits. Folds up and has a clip on the back. YELLOW, RED, BLUE. Product Size: 41Hx103Wx31D mm. Print. Size: 25x63 mm.
From $5.91 To $8.34

Marshalls Tool Set

Metal. This 18 piece tool set features a driver with 10 bits, a tape measure, 3 allen wrenches, 2 screwdrivers for fine detail work and a razor knife. BLACK. Product Size: 100Hx152Wx35D mm. Print. Size: 31Hx50W mm.
From $18.64 To $32.54

Manual Auto Emergency Tool Kit

ABS material. Comfortable hand grip. 3 x LED lights. Battery Ni-MH, 3.6V, 40mAh (Manual charging). Hammer function. Imbedded knife at bottom to cut off safety belt in emergency. YELLOW. Product Size: 150x80x30 mm. Print. Size: 40x15 mm.
From $8.86 To $12.60

Digital Multifunctional Tool Set

ABS / Stainless steel. Type pressure gauge. LED torch, display and 3 mode button. Hammer. Flathead/Phillip screwdriver. Scissors. Cutting knife. Pliers. Velvet pouch included. BLACK. Product Size: 160x70x20mm. Print. Size: 30x15 mm.
From $26.80 To $32.76

Outdoor Knife And Torch Set

LED / Metal. 13 functions, aluminium matt anodised pocket knife. Includes a large blade, saw, fish scaler, nail puller, scissors, bottle opener, slotted screwdriver, can opener, corkscrew, Phillips screwdriver, small blade, nail file and torch. 9x white LED. Packed in black magnetic gift box. SILVER. Product Size: Torch: 80x20 mm; Tool: 90x30 mm. Print/Laser Engraving. Size: Torch: 20x15 mm Tool: 20x10 mm.
From $14.52 To $16.86

Boss Screwdriver Set

Screwdriver set in case with 24 bits and drive handle. Collection: Home & Auto Category: Tools Colours Available: White Materials: ABS Item Size: 167 x 67 x 190mm (LxHxD)
From $2.85 To $2.85

Hardcase 40 Piece Tool Kit

Metal. Screwdrivers, ratchets and pliers. This set has them all plus more in a 40 piece set in a hard cover case for easy storage. BLACK. Product Size: 139Hx190Wx50D mm. Print. Size: 25Hx76W mm.
From $36.44 To $53.30

Captains Tool Set

Metal / Fabric. This 18 piece tool set features a driver with 10 bits and extender. It also contains pliers, 3 allen wrenches and 2 screwdrivers for fine detail work. BLACK. Product Size: 100Hx152Wx35D mm. Print. Size: 31Hx5W mm.
From $26.43 To $37.17

Driver Set

This driver set includes a driver with five screw bits and six socket bits. Driver set packaged in a tin box. Silver/Black. Product Size: 67Hx203Wx35D mm. Print. Size: 32Hx114W mm.
From $15.76 To $26.64

4 In 1 Magnetic Screwdriver Set

Plastic. Includes 2 double sided bits (1 x Phillips, 1 x Flathead). Pocket Clip. Polybagged. Silver/Translucent Blue. Product Size: 19Hx122Wx13D mm. Print. Size: 10Hx48W mm.
From $3.08 To $4.89

Flashlight & Screwdriver Kit

Plastic. Don't be left in the dark during emergency fixes. Repair tool comes to life and shines the light on your projects. Six screw driver bits fit every major application. Translucent Red, Translucent Blue. Product Size: 98Lx29W mm. Print. Size: 51Lx13W mm.
From $2.91 To $4.71
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